The history of Hunt’s Church stretches back beyond the American Revolutionary War.  As early as 1773, a Methodist Society was meeting at the home of Phineas Hunt.  Hunt, a prosperous farmer moved in 1761 from Calvert County to a tract of land known as Beall’s Discovery in the Greenspring Valley of Baltimore County.

A member of the Garrison Forest English Church, now St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Phineas Hunt embraced the teachings and zeal of the Methodist Society and opened his home to itinerant preachers traveling the Methodist circuit. Francis Asbury, one of the first two bishops of the Methodist Episcopal Church in America, writes of preaching at the Hunt house in 1773 and 1777.

In 1780, when the Hunt home could no longer accommodate the growing Methodist congregation, Mr. Hunt deeded a piece of his property, between what is now Joppa and Old Court Roads, to the Methodist Society to build a log chapel.  A second larger log chapel was built in 1826.  By this time, the Methodists were no longer part of the Church of England but a separate denomination.

In 1877, a two-story stone chapel, the core of the present church, was completed on the original tract of land. Over the next two centuries, the church was altered, rebuilt, and renovated, but always with the historical nature of the building and site preserved.  In 1976, the site was officially designated a historical site in Maryland and received a roadside marker, which is located on the Joppa Road side of the property.  The Hunt family home, now a private residence, and cemetery are nearby.

In 2009, Carroll’s-Gill’s United Methodist Church merged with Hunt’s. Together the two congregations are forging a strong foundation to carry the message of Jesus Christ into the 21st century.  In 2023, Hunt’s Church will celebrate 250 years on the hill in Riderwood, Maryland.  This landmark date makes Hunt’s one of the oldest, continually active Methodist congregations in the United States.

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