Phineas Hunt opened his house for the original congregation meetings around 1773. At that time, “Circuit rider” preachers would make rounds visiting several groups periodically. Phineas’ house was built ca 1750 and is still standing, although several additions have been added over the centuries.

As the congregation grew, the first log cabin, ca 1780, was built on the present-day site of Hunt’s Church. Phineas Hunt sold 3/4 acre, which included the log cabin, to the Trustees of the church in 1786. The building was described by the superintendent at the time as one large room with a back gallery for slaves. The original log cabin was replaced in 1826 by a second, larger log cabin.

In 1874, the foundation was laid for a two-story stone building that still stands today and has a somewhat unique characteristic: the sanctuary is on the second floor. In the early 1900’s, a parsonage house was built next to the church building. Extensive renovations, including electrification, were made to the church building in 1905. Following a fire in 1924 that gutted the building, remodeling included an addition to the back of the original building. That addition included a basement with a furnace room, kitchen, and meeting room and an additional meeting room and a stage on the first floor. Following a devastating fire in 1933 that gutted the church building, the building was renovated again. This renovation included a new stained-glass window in the sanctuary and a new bell tower and steeple.

Another fire in 1962 partially burned the sanctuary and required another remodeling effort. In the 1962, Hunt’s Church purchased a home in the new Thornleigh community to serve as a parsonage. Although the old parsonage was planned for demolition, it was used for the next 25 years as office space and classrooms. A new kitchen and fellowship hall was added in 1973 for the church’s bicentennial celebration. The sanctuary was remodeled and expanded in 1982, which included the installation of an elevator.

In the mid 1980’s, Hunt’s purchased a house across Old Court Rd to serve as the office, nursery, and classrooms. The original parsonage was demolished, and a new fellowship hall and classrooms were added in 1987. In 1992, Hunt’s Church purchased the parcel adjacent to the church property, including a stone house, now called the Agape House, to serve as the church office and additional meeting rooms. The property across Old Court Road was subsequently sold.

Celebrating 248 Years – On The Hill Since 1773