Hunt Cemetery

The Hunt family cemetery is located west/north-west of  Hunt’s Church and just east of Phineas Hunt’s home. It is a family cemetery, not a Hunt’s Church cemetery. Since Phineas Hunt and other family members instrumental in the beginnings of Hunt’s Church are buried there, we have much of it documented here. The cemetery is completely surrounded by a stone wall with a large inscribed marble stone. Below is a picture of the stone and the words it contains.

Here is a diagram of the headstones & footstones in the cemetery. Below is a listing of all stones with inscriptions. Due to age, there are a few stones no longer legible.


Headstones #12 and 13 are for Phineas and Susannah Hunt. Here are the inscriptions on those two stones and an inscribe stone in between their headstones & footstones:

Here are some pictures of the cemetery.

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