Gill’s History

Gill’s Methodist Church1977 Gills building

In 1832, the local preachers’ plans mention Gill’s meeting house for the first time. In 1853, Joshua Gill of John mentions Gill’s in his last will and testament. In 1861, the Preachers’ Reports of Baltimore Circuit first mention classes at Gill’s school house. In 1878, eight people were received as Probationary Members, including a Joseph Boblits. In 1902 the Reverend William Costin was sent to the Hunt’s Circuit as pastor.  There were three new preaching appointments opened under his pastorate:  Stevenson Station, Gill’s School House, and Texas.

In 1905, the last will and testament of Charles T. Cockey Sr. is carried out.  November 6, 1905, the present property was deeded to the Board of Trustees from Charles T. Cockey Sr.  “Said trustees to hold said lot as to allow property authorized ministers of the Methodist Episcopal Church to hold their meeting at times not inconsistent with its use as a school house and also so as to allow Christians of other denominations to hold meetings therein when not occupied by ministers of the Methodist Episcopal Church.” The Reverend John H. Brunges and the Reverend Dr. C. Herbert Richardson dedicated the church on January 14, 1906. In 1907, Gill’s Church became a part of the Chestnut Ridge Circuit under the Reverend A. A. Bichell. In 1916 the present church was erected for a cost of $5,600 after fire destroyed the first building. In 1977 the educational unit was added at a cost of $99,310.

At the Charge Conference held October 16, 1989, those present from Gill’s Church voted unanimously to discontinue after June 30, 1990, and to merge with the Carroll’s UMC on July 1, 1990. A Church Conference was held on January 28, 1990, and a majority voted to affirm the Charge Conference action, agreeing to merge with Carroll’s Church.  The Board of Trustees approved the Articles of Merger on March 29, 1990. On June 24, 1990 the last service was held at Gill’s United Methodist Church. On July 1, 1990 the new Carroll’s-Gill’s United Methodist Church was charted. In July 1990, a Messianic Jewish group called Rosh Pina purchased Gill’s UMC and have been meeting there ever since.


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