Mission Statement

Mission:  To be a welcoming, Christ-centered community providing opportunities to grow in faith, service, and fellowship.

Vision:  To be…

Christ-centered – At Hunt’s we create a community where people can grow in faith, gather in hope, and serve in love.

Welcoming – At Hunt’s we reach out to the community with God’s love; we create a community where caring and sharing are valued; everyone is welcome; we invite people to participate and join; we strive to make people feel welcome, accepted, and connected.

Community – Hunt’s is a vital part of the community; Hunt’s supports the community through service and giving; Hunt’s is a catalyst to transform the community.

Opportunities to grow in faith, service, and fellowship – For people of all age groups (e.g., children, youth, adults) and life stages (e.g., young married couples, new parents, etc.) Hunt’s provides opportunities to address new, diverse, unique, and evolving needs for growth.

Core Values:

TO BE Faithful
TO BE Welcoming
TO BE Compassionate
TO BE Nurturing
TO BE Forward-Looking

Celebrating 248 Years – On The Hill Since 1773