There are close to twenty different committees at Hunt’s ranging from advertising church events to the worship committee.     

Church Council
Hunt’s Church Council is the decision-making body of the congregation. Members include committee chairpersons, ministry leaders, members-at-large, a young adult member, and a youth member. The Council meets the third Wednesday of each month at 7 p.m.  All worshipers are welcome to attend.  Contact: Church Council Chairperson.

Evangelism Committee
Leads our efforts to go out into our community, build relationships, and bring people to Christ and the church family. Provides Hunt’s worshipers with the knowledge and skills to share Christ with others at home, in their neighborhoods, in the workplace, and in the community.

Finance Committee
Develops and recommends an annual budget to the Church Council which reflects the mission, vision, and goals of the church. Contact: Finance Committee Chairperson.

Flower Ministry
Flowers are purchased, arranged and displayed in the sanctuary for Sunday worship and special worship services.  During the growing season, flowers come from a local florist adding to the uniqueness of the arrangements.

Staff/Parish Relations Committee
The SPPRC works to build and maintain good relationships between the pastor and the congregation and between members of the congregation. Other responsibilities include: annual review of the pastor’s compensation, recommending to Church Council the hiring of paid staff, and preparing and delivering performance reviews for paid staff.  The SPPRC meets in closed session to uphold confidentiality. Contact: SPPRC Chairperson.

The Trustees are responsible for the buildings and grounds of the church. They meet at 7 PM on the first Monday of most months to identify needs, discuss options, develop proposals for bids, review plans, supervise contract work, etc. The trustees are also responsible for Hunt’s Cemetery and handle insurance matters for the church. Between meetings, the trustees conduct maintenance of buildings and grounds. Assisting the trustees on work projects is a way you can help keep Hunt’s well maintained and welcoming. Contact: President, Board of Trustees.

Worship Committee
Supports all aspects of worship including bulletins, prayer list, music, greeters, lay readers, ushers, acolytes, special music, media design and computer operation, sound system operation, recording services, communion preparation and servers, altar flowers, candles, decorating the church for Advent and Easter, banners, etc. The worship committee supports special events including baptisms, confirmation, receiving new members, gifts for Mother’s and Father’s Day, devotionals for Advent and Lent, and special flowers for Christmas and Easter.  The committee also supports special services including Christmas Eve Program, Ash Wednesday, Maundy Thursday, and Good Friday Services. The worship committee usually meets the quarterly.   Contact: Worship Committee Chairperson.

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