Congregational Survey

Congregation Survey Results

In May 2019, the Church Council requested the congregation’s participation in a survey concerning their reaction to the decisions made at the Special Session of the General Conference of the United Methodist Church denomination held in February.  Additional information on this topic can be found online using the following link:

158 congregants took the time to complete either the online or paper version of the survey.  It is important for the Church Council to understand the reactions and thoughts of the congregation, and the strong response has provided us with valuable information.  When we announced the survey, we committed to sharing the results with the congregation.  A link to the full survey results can be found here, but here is a summary of what the congregation told us:

Questions 1-5 presented various possible responses Hunt’s Church could pursue as a result of the decisions made at the Special Session and asked for the respondent’s level of agreement with each response, ranging from “Strongly Disagree” to “Strongly Agree”.  Here are the responses to those questions:

Survey Results Table 1

When asked to rank these options, the results closely mirrored those above with decision option 3 being the most preferred, followed by option 4, then option 2, then option 5, with option 1 being the least preferred.

The final set of question asked what actions the respondent might take if a certain decision option was pursued by Hunt’s Church.  Here is what respondents told us they would do:

Survey Results Table 2

After discussing these results at a recent Church Council meeting, we decided that we needed to learn more about the Reconciling Congregation Program, so we formed a small team to make contact with the Reconciling Ministries Network ( to start our education process.  Taking this step does not mean this is the direction we will pursue, only that the survey strongly indicates an interest by many in the congregation about this program, so we need to learn more about it.  The Council plans to share what we learn with the congregation in the Fall of 2019.

Please feel free to contact any member of the Church Council with any questions or concerns you have as it is important that every voice is heard and no misunderstandings occur along the way as we seek to discern God’s will for Hunt’s Church. 

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