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Hunt’s Church is an active church.  What makes Hunt’s great is the people.  We are an “extended family” to many.    Besides numerous volunteer mission opportunities that serve the Baltimore-Metropolitan communities and beyond, Hunt’s Church has a number of groups, activities, and social church functions that involve the strengthening our own relationship with God.

We offer Bible Studies at the church, another group just for men called the Men’s Fellowship, a Women’s Fellowship, numerous church committees, and a fun social group that enjoys attending different restaurants and outings called the Funhunters.

For activities, we offer First Thursdays, which is a time to meet new friends, enjoy a light dinner, and have small group discussions.   The Hunt’s Happy Hour is a social outing for younger and middle age adults to mingle and interact with each other, that extends beyond the Sunday conversation in church.

Please click the links to learn more about each group, activity, and the numerous church events.

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