Assistance Center (ACTC)

The Assistance Center of Towson Churches (ACTC) offers an ecumenical program providing help for the poor and needy in our community.  Forty-eight churches, including Hunt’s, participate in this outreach effort.  Hunt’s supports this mission year-round, with monetary donations and donations of food, including Thanksgiving bags every November, and special donation efforts during the Month of May.   Below are examples of food and personal items typically collected for this organization. 

Personal Items: 
  Adult-sized jackets 

Food Items:  
  Cereal (box) 
  Tomatoes (can) 
  Pork and beans (can) 
  Green beans (can) 
  Peas/Mixed Vegetables (can) 
  Corn (can) 
  Potatoes (can or box) 
  Fruit (can) 
  Meats (can)  
  Pasta Meals (can) 
  Spaghetti Sauce (jar) 
  Tuna (can) 
  Peanut Butter (jar) 
  Jelly (jar) 
  Soup (can) 
  Dry Pasta (box) 
  Macaroni and Cheese (box) 
  Rice (bag or box) 
  Pop-top canned goods for homeless Care Bags 

For more information on ACTC, please visit their website:

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