Reconciling Ministry

The results of the Hunt’s springtime survey revealed that our church has a strong interest in reconciliation, so the Church Council commissioned an ad hoc committee to initiate the discernment process.  Ultimately this process will determine whether or not Hunt’s would like to become a Reconciling Congregation in association with the Reconciling Ministry Network.   

A reconciling congregation is a United Methodist local church that makes a public statement welcoming all persons, regardless of sexual orientation, race or ethnicity, to participate fully in its congregational life.  

Becoming a reconciling church is essentially a statement from our church affirming that we are created in the image of God and that all people are worthy of God’s love and grace.  To be a reconciling church does not mean that our church will leave the UMC.  It will not affect our church building or endowments.  It does not compel a pastor to perform same-sex marriages. 

During the discernment process, reconciliation information will be made available in church, in meetings with key church groups and in a panel discussion.  All interested people are invited to attend this meeting about reconciliation in VanMetre Hall on Saturday, October 12 at 6:30 p.m. The panel will have six speakers, with time afterward for questions and for all voices to be respectfully heard. Dessert will be served.

Our congregation is encouraged to prayerfully consider this important issue.  Between services on Sunday, October 20, a church conference, as sanctioned by the bishop, will be held.  A vote by ballot will be taken on whether to become a reconciling congregation.  Results will be announced before the conclusion of the meeting.  Hunt’s will become a reconciling congregation only if the vote in favor of reconciliation is at least 70% of the ballots.

Any questions may be directed to the ad hoc committee members. Merle Bayne
Jim Foster
Lynn Henss
Travis Knoll
Pegg Melfa
Miranda Parrish 
Donna Sibley

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