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Sr. High Youth Service

Hunt’s Sr. High Youth Group leads a worship service each spring towards the end of the school year. The first Youth Service was in 1972 and has been an annual tradition ever since. All members of the group write meditations about their experience, and the graduating seniors read theirs to the congregation during the service. Many of the songs and hymns are contemporary or adapted for the service’s theme. This year’s Youth Service was April 24th. We bid farewell to our 9 graduating seniors: Olivia Finkel, Paul Junkin, Suzannah Lipstein, Meredith Ridgely, George Rittenhouse, Georgia Schneidereith, Jamie Schneidereith, Lucy Schneidereith, and Maggie Schneidereith, as they begin the next phase of their lives. We will miss you, your leadership and enthusiasm next year.

2016 Youth Service

2015 Youth Service